About David O’Brien

David O’Brien is a joyful husband and a father of two daughters. He is a co-leader at the Kingdom Embassy International HQ, founded by Ap Charles and Pst Donna Ndifon, in Rhode Island, USA. He is also a regional director within Christ Love Ministries International.

He is the president of Empower Media Network. Also known as The Bondage Breaker, he champions freedom and distinctiveness in the world, through the Living Word of Christ. David has started The Purity Forum and The Purity Alliance, to shine light for today’s youth. He also co-founded East West Services, an anti-human trafficking 501c3.

David spent years living and serving abroad in several countries of Africa and Asia, and he has written several powerful books, including “For Freedom,” “Return to Acts Christianity,” “Heal The Sick,” and “SHINE – Daughter of God, It Is Your Time.”


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