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CoFounder and Pastor of Kingdom Embassy International

Dr.Donna Ndifon

Dr. Donna Ndifon, the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Embassy International Church, is a true embodiment of inspiration and empowerment. She is a prolific teacher, author, and interior designer, she shines as an Esther for our generation, a vessel specially chosen by God for this very moment.

Her voice resonates with hope, rejuvenating the Body of Christ and illuminating the world. For almost four decades, Dr. Donna has dedicated herself to imparting life-changing principles that have transformed countless lives worldwide. As a mother of four young men, she has blessed her own children with these invaluable treasures. Dr. Donna epitomizes courage and faith, moving powerfully in the prophetic realm as well as in the realm of miracles, signs, and wonders.

Her profound impact has been recognized through her appearances on local and international radio and television programs. An accomplished author and poet, Dr. Donna also hosts StraightTALK, a weekly program that offers guidance and admonishment.

Together with her husband, Dr. Charles Ndifon, she tirelessly brings life, hope, and healing to a world in need. Welcome to The Embassy, where transformation and inspiration await.

We are so thankful you’ve chosen to join us at The EMBASSY Church.
Dr.Donna Ndifon Preaching the Gospel
fellowship after service is over
Dr.Donna Ndifon hosting DailyBoost Program
Dr.Donna Ndifon welcomes new visitors at The EMBASSY Church
Dr. Ndifon is also an advisor to kings, presidents, prime ministers and government leaders around the globe. He has spoken in many parliaments on strategic planning, good governance and nation building. He is the president and founder of Christ Love Ministries International in the USA; presiding Apostle of the Kingdom Embassy churches and the Oasis Of Love churches in over 80 countries, comprising over 2600 churches.

Dr.Charles Ndifon

Dr. Charles Ndifon, a trusted advisor to global leaders, serves as the esteemed president and founder of Christ Love Ministries International in the USA. He also holds the esteemed position of presiding Apostle for Kingdom Embassy churches and Oasis Of Love churches, spanning 80 countries with 2600 churches.

Dr. Charles Ndifon’s unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel has empowered over 50,000 individuals and made an indelible impact on numerous nations. Additionally, he is the president of renowned organizations such as Hope For The World Ministries, Mission Timoteo, and the Destiny Discovery Institute.

Dr. Charles Ndifon’s influence extends as the chairman of the esteemed Kingdom Business Group and visionary founder of the Kingdom Embassy network. Explore profound insights and transformative wisdom at The Embassy with Dr. Ndifon.

Honored and hosted by the mayor in Bolivia
AGAPE REVEALED LOADING... Port Harcourt, Nigeria . 6 Days of Bliss, 6 Days of Glory!
Festival of miracles in Bujumbura Burundi as seen in the photo a woman raises her hands praising God
Apostle and Dr. Donna Ndifon and the Team are meeting with the Nigerian Igbo King in Ghana.
India Festival of Miracles with Dr.Charles Ndifon of Christ Love Ministries International


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