Minister Tyler Paquette

Minister Tyler Paquette

About Minister Tyler Paquette

Minister Tyler Paquette’s life took a remarkable turn when he discovered KEI Kingdom Embassy International. Prior to his encounter with the embassy, he was living an ordinary Christian life, yearning for a deeper connection with God. In January 2019, he attended the Power School of Miracles, a decision that would change his life forever. 

From the moment he stepped into the building, he felt the tangible, overwhelming love of God. As Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon took the stage, the power of God intensified, and Minister Tyler heard his father’s voice for the first time. Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon became more than just a man of God to him; he became a father. 

Minister Tyler also discovered his spiritual mother, Pastor Donna, during this time. Deeply moved by the experience, he made the decision to call KEI his home, leaving behind everything he had known. Led by the Holy Spirit, he even gave his vehicle to a family in need. During the Power School, he met the woman he would later marry, Jessi. 

In less than two months, Minister Tyler found himself in Kenya, experiencing the raw power of God alongside Apostle Dr. Charles Ndifon and witnessing miracles unfold. This ignited his passion for international business and kingdom advancement. 

As a minister, he serves the body of Christ locally and globally, while also running successful businesses. Minister Tyler continues to pursue his purpose, sharpening his skills as a public speaker and business leader. He is deeply grateful for the love, teachings, and transformative power he has found within KEI Kingdom Embassy International.


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